Kerry Ryerson

My son Sean has been active in the Exceptional Kids Organization for several years.  He is 34 now and began attending the EKO Dances and Family Fun events when he was in high school.   When Sean knew that there was a dance coming up, he would excitedly begin planning what he would wear so he could reflect the theme of the dance.  Sean was nominated Prom King in 2007 and a  good friend of his was nominated Prom Queen.  It was such a nice match because the two of them had been friends for many years so the surprise for them was an extra special one. When Sean attends the EKO dances I know he will be there with many of his friends and other peers that he is familiar with.  I have great comfort knowing  that Sean will enjoy an evening out while socializing, dancing and having a snack in a very fun, well chaperoned and safe environment. We are so fortunate to have the EKO in our area!  I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that they have done and continue to do throughout the years for all of our young people with special needs.  Thank you all very much!!!