Sandra Demond

I attended my first EKO dance in 2003 when my special needs son was a freshman in high school. I loved watching my son and seeing the joy that he and the other attendees displayed as they enjoyed their friends, the music, dancing, laughing and simply doing what all teens and young adults want to do, hang out with their peers. By the next dance I was hooked I asked if I could help out and before I knew it, I was on the Board. Through the years I’ve watch our kids grow into young adults, I’ve developed life long friendships with parents and caregivers and welcomed new kids and their families into our group. 

What bonds me to the EKO is the love and joy I feel from the dancers, their parents, the volunteers and the dedication and hard work of the EKO Board. I am proud and honored to be affiliated with the EKO and hope to be working with this group for many more years to come.