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2018/2019 School Year Dance Schedule

Friday Jan 11, 2019 Winter Lunar New Year (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)
Friday Feb 15, 2019 Valentine's Dance (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)
Friday Mar 22, 2019 St Patrick's Day Dance (South Bay Adult School)
Friday Apr 26, 2019 Spring Luau Dance (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)
Friday Jun 7, 2019 Prom 2019 - Meet me in Paris (Westdrift Hotel Manhattan Beach)
Friday Jul 19, 2019 Western Dance (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)
Friday Aug 16, 2019 Ice Cream Social (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)
Friday Sep 13, 2019 Welcome Fall Dance (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)
Friday Oct 25, 2019 Halloween Dance (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)
Friday Dec 6, 2019 December Dress Up Dance (American Martyrs O'Donnell Hall)

Dances are held at American Martyrs Church, O’ Donnell Hall located at 700 15th Street, Manhattan Beach. Other locations may be announced.


Check out our 2018 Prom Video on our Photos Page.

All dances run from
6:30PM to 9:00PM
$1.00 Donation @ Door
Refreshments 50 cents




Looking for Volunteers!!!

Please e-mail to volunteer to help at the dances, fundraisers, seminars, or if you have a skill such as accounting, web design, planning, etc. we’re looking for you!


On rare occasion, a dance may need to be moved to another date/location.  Should changes occur we will update this website and Facebook.  Please check them each month for any changes.  If you have questions, you can call us at 1-888-MyEKPTO  (693-5786) or email us at or check our Facebook page at